Well, now that I have the website up it's time to start with the Blog, in the first place I want to welcome you and introduce myself, my name is Bernat and I'm telecommunications engineer, but I have mainly worked as systems and network engineer.

Over the last years I have been mostly involved in infrastructure and back end projects and not so much in front end stuff, and this page has been a bit of an excuse to come back to the web, which has evolved quite a lot since the e-commerce web site that I was involved some time ago. That web site was made from the ground up in PHP, without any framework or CMS, which after the experience I have to say simplify the task of creating a web site a lot.

My projects for this website are write, in both the blog and a future section of tutorials, of technologies related with the world of Open Source (to which I owe so much) and also about Internet related technologies.

Now that the page and the blog are ready the only remaining thing is to get google to index me, which is still work in progress.